Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Why does it have to be this way?
Why can't I be as I may?
Why is the world so gray?
Why is everyone like actors on stage?

Why are there shadows in bright light?
Why can't there be a solution without a fight?
Why is there darkness beyond the night?
Why is my mind not willing to take flight?

Why are there tears behind the smile?
Why behind the truth there is a lie?
Why is there faliure no matter how hard you try?
Why do I laugh when I want to cry?

Why do all the path get to the beginning?
Why is there something always missing?
Why does everything keep changing?
Why for no reason do I keep digging?

Why so many questions in my mind?
Why no answers do I find?
Why around me does this rope tightly bind?

- NK

Sunday, June 5, 2011


The craze of new trend
Back on their backs people bend
The need to fit in
For things that will tomorrow be in trash bin
The race has no sense
No future neither past tense

Comfort goes for a toss
Thanks to designer who is BOSS
One sees what suits
It is fight for shiny boots
Low waist jeans one such thing
Wonder where does it cling?
The need to wear even more low
Ever seen what secret it shows?

The moments fad that comes to halt
During every fall
The so called sophisticated decide your worth
On your instincts cant you trust?
This craze for fashion I cant comprehend
The craze for a moment's trend

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday, the mood was down
On the face was a frown
The going was getting tough
Seemed as if the effort was not enough

Wanted to stop and stare
On the lips was a silent prayer
Doubt was looming large
There was no door to barge

Then out of thin air saw a door
Giving a peep into the core
Belief went up and the spirit lifted
Knew that this opportunity was surely gifted

On success that arrives
When none was there in sight
Exhilaration is the feel
With tears in eyes, we kneel

We are ready to fight another fight
The morale is up and so high
It is all about feeling so good
Fight again surely I would.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Brother

Throwing of pillows or of books
Behaving with each other like the other was crook
Not a moment passed when we dint fight
Remembering those days i can imagine moms plight
Bonding like fire with water
Its a surprise not many furniture did shatter

I am amazed at the way we quarreled
Making our room like it was some field of battle
An eye for an eye
From confronting each other never did we shy
But looking back at those days
I am nothing less than amazed

Today you live a distance apart
Without looking at you now may day does start
My little brother its the distance that keeps
The small memories so sweet
I guess in those moments we were so naive
That some better memories we did not create

But still today I say
Its your return home thats making my day
Tomorrow you shall be back with us
Making each moment memorable we must
Writing these lines for you makes me smile
That the difference thats made is by the miles


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Chained Dove

On the window above stands chained a dove
Looking with dreams of flight but no strength to fight
I stare into the eye and I feel a mocking smile
Flutter of wings or is it saying something
The words which mean and still I cant see
I walk by ,forgetting it I try

The next day I stand again
With the same smile it looks my way
Wanting to ask what it means
The meaning of smile I just cant see
The mystery troubles me even in sleep

One day I see the hand near the place where dove stands
Its owner a frail young man looking out into the sun
Trying to understand what is being done
Then I realize the mystery of the smile
Mocking me day and night
Its chains are what we can see
But the chains are holding us in reality

It flutters its wings attempting a flight
We dont try to escape with all our might
Too busy we are looking into the room
That unaware are we of the world that zooms
In this daily life ours dont spend sometime with loved ones

The smile told me we think we are free
But still held in our misery
Some show what it is others just hide beneath
Rare are the people who can take a flight
Fly high and reach the sky.


Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am what I am
It matters not who you are
I lead my life the way I want
Follow your path I cant
I am a free bird that soars high in the sky
Will fall once in a while
But to get up I shall always try

There will always be a hope
Guiding me along the path it shows
A wish for sunlight
Giving me strength to fight
Darkness is what it seems to you
Indicates light will be here too

Ambers of faith refuse to die
Ignite them to get light
Giving them the air
Into the eyes of success will stare
It may not be my time
But whats there to cry
I will laugh when its my turn
Will look directly into the sun


Sunday, April 25, 2010


A moment its there
The next its gone
What it was
Was it what you want?
You never know what was there
But something you have lost
Search for it anywhere
Might you win your cause
But it really hurts to see
When you do not
Dream up the things you want
Never give up
When you are down
Dream again a new dream
Because one of them
Might be for what you are